We All Lose with Medicare for All

This deception needs to be pointed out and you need to act

Medicare is giving your grandparents the shaft today, and you too will get the shaft; it’s just a matter of time. Because medical care becomes progressively socialist, care is rationed or denied to those most in need. Why? Because resources are finite, and treatment is expensive for individuals with chronic illness and severe acute illness. Medicare does not allow the physician to use their training, skill and judgment to properly treat the sick.

Since Obamacare passed, veterans have longer and longer waits to get health care through the VA system, and the same thing has happened to Medicare recipients. If your Medicare parent or grandparent can’t get in to see a specialist for three to four months after referral by their family doctor, you probably think it’s because medical specialists are so busy. Nope. In reality, most of the delays are due to rationing. Reason: Medicare barely pays enough to keep clinics going. I’ve been told the reason it’s taking so long to get in is because my patient is on Medicare.

Obamacare also caused most physicians to work for large corporations such as hospitals instead of working directly for you, the patient. Medical care has become a bureaucratic monopoly, no good to the patient. Even worse, when the physician works for the corporate big shot instead of the patient, it severely compromises the precious doctor-patient relationship.

Medicare for All: Offer people the deception of “free stuff,” then use it as club against patients most in need. Then by sleight of hand trap them in a system with no way out and nowhere to turn. This deception needs to be pointed out and you need to act.

Annie Bukacek