Olszewski is Best for Montana’s Future

Too often primary elections are popularity contests

Primary election season is upon us. It’s our responsibility to thoughtfully select candidates for our respective parties.

Republican candidates for the governor’s seat present unique qualifications, temperaments and records. All have served in government positions. Each have held private sector roles. Two of the candidates, Al Olszewski and Tim Fox are lifelong Montanans. Only Olszewski is a military veteran.

In April 2019, Tim Fox joined with David Yost, Ohio attorney general, in filing an Amicus Brief supporting the preservation of Obamacare. While Fox’s motives may appear honorable purporting to preserve pre-existing conditions, why not repeal Obamacare altogether and allow the current administration to develop a less burdensome health-care plan?

Greg Gianforte strives to bring more technology jobs to Montana. Bozeman has experienced the greatest increase in technology based employment along with the greatest cost of living increase across the Treasure State. Traditional blue-collar companies have left the Bozeman area due to increased business expenses and the inability of blue-collar employees to secure the necessary income to live there. Since Bozeman became a technology hub, its politics have changed. Gallatin County, historically a reliably “red” county in the state has converted to a reliably “blue” county. Could there be a correlation between an increased technology footprint and shifting political demographics?

Olszewski recognizes the traditional Montana economy of agriculture, logging and mining characterize the backbone of our state economy and must be protected. He acknowledges deficiencies in Obamacare and subsequently sponsored legislation in Montana to protect our health-care needs. Olszewski is an experienced Montana legislator and works across the aisle to pass legislation.

Too often primary elections are popularity contests. I urge everyone to examine each candidate’s policies, positions and records. Choose your priorities and vote for the candidate who best reflects them. Montana’s future is too important to cast our votes on sound bites and electioneering.

Janet Walters