Keep Background Checks

Mind your own business, and consider “city rights” as an American concept

By Erwin Curry

I wish I could say I was bewildered with Republican “logic” with firearms in objecting a free city in a free state to pass background checks to curb the ease of exchange of dangerous weapons within its city limits, but nothing surprises me about this political party anymore. LR-130 is their answer in deciding who has rights and for which part of the Constitution to read and adhere to. There is a state Republican, who must pack to feel safe, advocating for this legislation. We are not in the Old West any longer. “Gunsmoke” is only on reruns now. There is no doubt an NRA factor. The president considers the NRA a fourth branch of government, and others seem to agree. $30 million in contributions in 2016 has its intended effects. Missoula should be able to put into practice minimal sensible background checks, which a sane majority of the rest of the country wants. I’ve hunted and own guns and they are both overrated by too many. Some well-managed hunting is needed, as many top-tier predators are not around now, so I’m not against all hunting. Many liberals are in this camp, but I don’t feel that anyone needs 260 firearms like a fellow in a local pawnshop I overheard a few months ago. Keep the existing law in my city, mind your own business, and consider “city rights” as an American concept the same as “Republican States’ Rights” idea such as expressed in Ronald Reagan’s opening rally near Philadelphia, Mississippi for his 1980 campaign.

Erwin Curry

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