Support Rod Kuntz for City Council

Rod researches issues that come before the council

By Jim Atkinson

I served on Kalispell City Council for five years with Rod Kuntz. From the beginning of his first term he was knowledgeable of the needs of the community and demonstrated a heart for what was best for the citizens he served. Case in point: Rod lives near Flathead High School. For years there was contention between homeowners and students who parked in front of their homes. No one was able to get the school district, homeowners and city together to solve the problem. Rod took it upon himself to canvas the neighborhood, gather data, formulate a plan and get all parties on board to solve the problem with a special parking district. It was one of the most successful endeavors I experienced in the 29 years I was on the council.

Rod researches issues that come before the council. He posits logical solutions and successfully solicits buy in from all parties involved.

It is a good councilman who does not have an agenda going into the position, who truly is interested in the wellbeing of all citizens as well as the long term health of the community. Rod has exhibited these attributes in the past and most assuredly will live by them in the future. He has my vote for Ward 3 councilperson and, if you live in Ward 3, he should have yours too.

Jim Atkinson

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