Ryan Hunter Will Make a Great Council Representative

It’s time for a breath of fresh air

By Ben Long

Kalispell is a special place with a great future, but unfortunately, the city council has a record of lost opportunities. Should not every kid in Kalispell have a safe route to get to school or the playground? I think so. So does Ryan Hunter, which is why I think he will make a great city council representative.

More than a decade ago, when the city council was moving ahead with plans to develop Hutton Ranch commercial district and the play fields and Kidsports, our council promised up and down they would make bicycle and pedestrian-friendly routes connecting the core of Kalispell with “Pill Hill” and beyond. So where is that route? In some dusty file somewhere, no doubt. Meanwhile, kids, cyclists and people with disabilities are forced to take their lives in their hands and walk the narrow shoulder of U.S. Highway 93. That’s unacceptable for a town as prosperous as ours.

I appreciate anyone who volunteers to serve on the city council. But it’s time for a breath of fresh air. A candidate who will think of Kalispell families first and find creative solutions for our growth pains and other challenges.

Ryan Hunter is that kind of candidate. He brings youthful energy and community values to the job. Please consider voting for him.

Ben Long

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