Vote Rod Kuntz for Kalispell City Council

Rod Kuntz has always put Kalispell first

By Phil Guiffrida  

City Council elections are important. The City Council has direct taxing authority through property taxes and can change your family’s budget with a single vote. These local leaders are where the rubber meets the road in government. Ensuring we elect City Council members who put the time and effort into every decision they make is essential for our community and your way of life. Rod Kuntz has the skills to make Kalispell the most successful community it can be all the while protecting your bank account. Many of Kalispell’s greatest achievements have had Rod Kuntz’ unwavering support. He has also offered creative solutions to address blight and transportation connectivity all while increasing tax base so that your taxes don’t have to increase. Rod’s support of advancements in law enforcement through leads online and our K9 officer yields a safer, stronger community. Private/public projects like the dog park display his aptitude in partnering with community organizations to ensure taxpayers don’t shoulder the full burden of key livability initiatives. Rod Kuntz worked with Flathead High School and its neighbors to develop working solutions to the 40-year-old parking problem. He completed these tasks while streamlining city process and maintaining transparency.

Rod Kuntz has always put Kalispell first through creative funding solutions that ensure we tax below our mill levy allowance keeping your hard-earned money in your pockets. The election of Rod Kuntz is essential for the continued success of Kalispell. Common sense Montana values built this great city and continue with Rod’s leadership. Keep Portland, Oregon ideology out of our local government; a vote for Rod Kuntz is a vote for Kalispell. I would ask for your support and vote for Rod Kuntz for Kalispell City Council.

Phil Guiffrida
Kalispell City Councilor

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