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2019 Election Results

Voters decide municipal races in Whitefish, Kalispell and Columbia Falls

Update: 8:55 p.m.

Precincts Counted (of 6): 6

Registered Voters: 23,647

Ballots Cast: 4,160

Voter Turnout: 17.59 percent

Election Day concluded Tuesday with mail-in ballots determining a slate of municipal races in Flathead County, with local governments in Whitefish, Kalispell and Columbia Falls selecting new leadership.

Here are the results:


City Council (top three vote-getters elected)

Frank Sweeney: 887 votes (23.79%)

Ben Davis: 751 votes (20.14%)

Steve Qunell: 836 votes (22.42%)

Rebecca Norton: 755 votes (20.25%)

Harry “Hap” Peters: 463 votes (12.42%)


John Muhlfeld (Uncontested): 1,148 votes (92.88%)


City Council

Ward 1

Kari S. Gabriel (Uncontested): 502 votes (97.67%)

Ward 2

Sam Nunnally (Uncontested): 640 votes (97.41%)

Ward 3

Ryan Hunter: 367 votes (58.63%)

Rod Kuntz: 256 votes (40.89%)

Ward 4

Sid Daoud (Uncontested): 251 (94.01%)

Columbia Falls

City Council (top three vote-getters elected)

Darin V. Fisher: 432 votes (24.80%)

Steve Hughes: 215 votes (12.34%)

Doug Karper: 405 votes (23.25%)

Clay Lundgren: 212 votes (12.17%)

John H. Piper: 463 votes (26.58%)

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