Protect the Madison River

It is a vital part of Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem

Commercial interests are willing to gamble on the Madison River being able to sustain increasing pressure. I am not. This river is not here to provide a living, it is here to provide life. It is a vital part of Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, which is already experiencing enough stress from climate change and human inputs as is and leaving it unprotected only increases the likelihood of losing this piece of the last best place.

Though some may point to the river’s current health as an argument against any regulations that does not mean we should sit idly and allow that condition to worsen. Each passing day without protective measures on the Madison is another step closer to the tipping point that we all know is there. I love this river and this valley, and I want future generations to have the opportunity to experience its unbridled beauty, but I know that will not be possible without the Fish and Wildlife Commission committing to protect it.

Matthew Purcell