Questions for Sen. Daines

Why you can ethically support a man so lacking in Christian principles?

By Carol M. Santa

Recently you sent me a note asking for my support. Before considering your request, I need answers to several questions. First, why do you blindly support President Donald Trump, no matter what he says or does? In response to Trump’s tweet about the impeachment hearings being a “witch hunt,” you wrote: “We couldn’t agree more with the President – this is nothing more than an impeachment smear campaign …”

Do you really think it is perfectly fine for our president to ask foreign countries like Ukraine and Russia to interfere in our elections for personal reasons? How do you defend a president who attempted to extort a foreign government to find dirt on a top political rival? From my reading of witness transcripts, it is clear Mr. Trump threatened to withhold more than $400 million in foreign aid to Ukraine unless the president of Ukraine publicly announced the investigations Trump wanted. Moreover, from my reading of the Mueller report, it is also clear that Russia interfered in the 2016 election, which Mr. Trump has done nothing to discourage. Are you truly OK with foreign governments interfering with our elections? Is this really just a smear campaign? It seems more like corruption to me.

What is your response to the recent news that Trump must pay a $2 million fine in damages for persistent violations of the law governing non-profit foundations? He illegally used money from his charity to help fund his campaign even though charities are prohibited from making political gifts. He also took money from his charity to pay for a large painting of himself now hanging on the wall of Trump’s Doral golf resort in Miami. This illegal use of charitable funds fits with his previous shady dealings with Trump University where a Federal Appeals Court required Trump to pay a $25 million settlement in a lawsuit. How do you feel about Trump’s sneaky financial behavior as well as his unwillingness to release his tax returns? This behavior certainly worries me, particularly since he oversees our national finances.

What do you think about his systematic attack on our environment? He not only reduced several national moments but he is obliterating regulations designed to protect public lands, to reduce carbon emissions, to protect clean water and to save endangered species. He also withdrew the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement signed by 187 countries. Are you really OK with his plundering of our natural resources?

How do you defend his treatment of women and children? What do you think about his support of separating children from their families at the Mexican border? He is also under investigation for illegal payments attempting to keep several women from acknowledging his adulterous affairs. Is it OK that he uses disparaging words about women’s private parts?

Do you worry about who is minding the ship while he is off on another rally or spending time tweeting or playing golf? Also, how can you place any trust in a compulsive liar who has made more than 14,000 false statements since he was elected?

Sen. Steve Daines, help me understand why you can ethically support a man so lacking in Christian principles, consideration of others, and basic morality that we ask of all our children. I look forward to your response.

Carol M. Santa, Ph.D

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