Daines Lacks Moral Compass

We deserve better than this

Sen. Steve Daines, while doing minimal good work for his constituents in Montana, is nevertheless a captive of the right-wing propaganda machine. The president’s “decisive leadership” he describes nearly ruined the operation to kill al-Baghdadi, while at the same time giving our enemies secret info on how the raid was accomplished; an act criticized openly by U.S. intelligence and military specialists, who fear his actions will put our troops and country at greater risk from ISIS.

Daines is also untruthful in describing the impeachment process as a “witch hunt, closed door, rigged process.” While the Constitution gives the House of Representatives the singular authority and right to establish the process. And yes, indeed, the House held investigations and interviewed witnesses in a closed and secure environment, but as Daines is well aware, there were some 46 Republican House members on that committee, alongside an equal number of Democratic House members. Both sides had equal rights to ask any questions they had for those deposed. The fact that no Republicans on that committee chose to participate only goes to show that the sham was the silent grandstanding Republicans.

Daines is an embarrassment to the people of Montana; we deserve better than this. I implore Montana voters to do everything in their power to vote Daines out of office at the next opportunity, and replace him with someone we can trust and be proud of. I, for one, have had enough of his partisan antics and lack of a moral compass.

Gary Armstrong