Shallow Tribal Identity

Tribal loyalty is based on the identity of us against them

By Annie Bukacek

If you feel deep sadness over viciousness expressed by tribalistic Republican-Democrat extremism, you are the rare one. Thank you for resisting the divide and conquer strategy successfully used against us. I use politically incorrect term tribalistic because it captures the emotional basis of hatred. Philosophical differences notwithstanding, hatred never has an intellectual basis.

Tribal loyalty is based on the identity of us against them, tribal superiority and loyalty to tribal leadership that is unquestioned … roadblocks to recognizing common ground and learning from the other side as iron sharpens iron.

Examples of tribalism include 1. Anyone who has a heart is against murder of innocent people (common ground). Yet the Democratic Party supports abortion murdering innocent babies, the Republican Party supports wars of aggression murdering innocent civilians. 2. Both sides believe in free speech and justice, but only for their tribe. The other tribe they viciously disparage, demanding government entities squelch their speech. 3. Both sides desire peace. Democrats’ beloved Obama spoke peace while promoting wars of aggression. Republicans’ beloved Trump gives lip service to promoting peace, yet is responsible for more civilian war casualties than Obama.

My hope is in God, not people. Nevertheless, God gives people jurisdiction over many arenas. My prayer is for deep, genuine unity arising from love of truth and God’s laws of peace, love, justice and liberty resonating with people made in His image.

Annie Bukacek

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