Montana Home Evacuated After Bear Spray Explodes in Oven

It's unclear why the bear spray was in the oven

By Associated Press

BOZEMAN — Authorities say a home in southern Montana was evacuated after a can of bear spray exploded in a warming oven.

Graver Johnson, battalion chief with the Bozeman Fire Department, says three fire engines were sent to the home Tuesday because it was initially thought that the structure was on fire.

The explosion was contained in the oven, and firefighters used fans to air out the building. The Bozeman Daily Chronicle reports it’s unclear why the bear spray was in the oven, and three men who live at the home declined to comment.

No injuries were reported.

Bear spray contains capsaicin, the chemical found in hot peppers, and other capsaicinoids. It’s meant to ward off charging bears or other dangerous animals.