Gianforte Best Choice for Governor

Congressman Greg Gianforte is the perfect man for the job

By Vince Ricci

As a member of the Legislature I have seen first-hand how our state government has become bloated with bureaucracy. Session after session the budget increases, more staff are hired, but there is little if any improvement to service which it provides. In 2020 we need to elect a governor who will reign in run-away government growth, streamline services, and cut inefficiencies, and Greg Gianforte is the man to do it.

Montana is currently the most likely governor’s seat in the country to flip, meaning it’s most likely to switch which party is in control. This is a tremendous opportunity for Republicans. We need our best candidate in this race. The person who not only is the most qualified, but also who can win the general. Someone who has been a business leader themselves and has worked with President Donald Trump to pass tax cuts, and cut job killing regulations.

Congressman Greg Gianforte is the perfect man for the job. He knows how to get government out of the way of job creation, which we need in Montana. Greg is not only a great conservative and business leader, but he is the best choice for governor.

Rep. Vince Ricci

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