The Last Thing Our Nation Needs is Another War

Congress needs to be consulted before any such action is taken

By Landreth H. Fehlberg

The assassination of a top Iranian general ordered by our president is a reckless and dangerous action. We are now perilously close to a war with Iran, which would be a much more intense war than that with Iraq or Afghanistan with many more casualties on both sides. And we are still in Iraq and Afghanistan after all these years.

One of President Donald Trump’s campaign promises was to bring home most of the troops from the Middle East. Yet his actions speak louder than his words. He tore up our agreement with Iran concerning nuclear weapons and has repeatedly poked and prodded Iran to the point of bombing the airport in Iraq in order to assassinate an Iranian general. What would the U.S. do if the Iranians did that to us?

In my lifetime I have seen us drawn into a war in Vietnam that basically accomplished nothing (my husband is a combat veteran of that war). I’ve seen how the knee jerk reaction to 9/11 led us to start a war with Afghanistan. Meanwhile, we continue a chummy, very profitable relationship with Saudi Arabia, the home of most of the 9/11 hijackers, without any consequences for them. Then I have seen Bush/Cheney drum up a war in Iraq based on flimsy and faulty intelligence, another war we are still involved in and another country still not at peace.

Please, people, I beg you, speak up and speak out. Our president may be commander in chief, but that doesn’t mean he has the right to order the assassination of a top general of a country we are not at war with. His action is basically a declaration of war with Iran. Congress needs to be consulted before any such action is taken. The last thing our nation needs right now is another war!

Landreth H. Fehlberg

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