Rinse Your Hands

Don’t just sit around and worry. Do something to help yourself.

By Annie Bukacek

Yes, that is right. Four steps to proper hand washing will lead to dramatically reducing your chance of any infection.

Rinsing is the important first step. Don’t just sit around and worry. Do something to help yourself.

Four steps for hand washing:

  1. First rinse your hands under running water, before using soap. Rinsing and scrubbing with water takes off the surface layer of germs and allows soap to do a better job. Wring your hands.
  2. Using soap, scrub wet hands on all sides, top and bottom, between fingers, and fingernails. Scrub the tips of the fingers and thumbs on your palms. Fingertips are where you touch most things. Soap takes off another layer of germs.
  3. Thoroughly rinse under running water, still rubbing/scrubbing your hands together. This second rinsing removes yet another layer of germs.
  4. Use clean towels or paper towels to dry your hands. The friction of drying with towels removes remaining germs, provided the towels are clean.

Doctors learn this technique in medical school so as not to pass germs to patients. It works for us and will work for you. Empower yourselves. Your best protection is in your own hands.

Annie Bukacek

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