Montana United

Tim Fox is the candidate to lead the state of Montana

By Sandy Tutvedt

Tim Fox has been working with Montanans across the state in all kinds of industries important to us. Not just setting up fundraisers, but doing the work it takes to hold an informed opinion about what Montana’s real needs are and plotting a course to address them, moving all of Montana forward and making Montana thrive.

Take a look at the governor candidates’ websites. You will see that all but one are full of the same platitudes that every politician says. There is nothing that can be disagreed with and nothing that has any substance to know what they really mean when they use those words.

Tim Fox has taken a unique course. One that has him in full engagement with Montanans. He has started to do the real work and develop the background knowledge of the many things we each want our governor to know about the things we hold dear, mine and yours. Tim has the leadership to get people working together. He has the compassion to address our needs. Tim Fox is the candidate to lead the state of Montana.

Sandy Tutvedt

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