Tom Winter Fights For Us

Tom Winter flipped an 11-point Trump district in 2018

By Kerry Bartley

Congressman Greg Gianforte voted to cut his own taxes and those of his wealthy friends while scores of Montanans struggled in a rigged economy. Now, as the biggest pandemic in our lifetime ravages our country he’s been trading on insider information to make money off of it in the stock market. He’s shown us who he fights for, and it’s not us.

The cast of candidates running to replace him in Congress is full of politicians that keep running no matter how many times Montanans reject them. They all seem to be more interested in raising money and getting the support of out-of-state interests rather than showing how they’ll fight for us in DC.

Then there’s state Rep. Tom Winter who flipped an 11-point Trump district in 2018. He’s the only one running to release any sort of policy platform. All the bills he carried in the state legislature were ones that Montanans of all political backgrounds could get behind – because they were for us.

Tom’s is the first campaign to unionize in state history. He donated PPE to Montana’s frontline healthcare workers. He shows who he fights for every day. Please vote for Tom Winter on June 3.

Kerry Bartley

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