Noland Has a Proven Track Record

He understands the issues

By Bob Keenan

The national political landscape has been hard to stomach for the past three years. The statewide political landscape has been stunted by the health pandemic. We have a primary election fast approaching and it is certainly understandable that we have all been preoccupied by daily challenges and are not prepared to make decisions as we have in past elections.

The opportunities to meet and question candidates has been lost with social distancing and prohibition of gatherings. Candidates are presenting themselves without the integrity of face-to-face campaigning. Tough questions are not asked. “They talked me into it” is not a good reason to run for the Legislature.

We have primary candidates in the Flathead who have been recruited by individuals from Conrad, Great Falls and Helena. They identify themselves as a “solution caucus.” Their solutions have been costly to taxpayers. They talk about “evaluating our state tax structure – does it match the 21st century economy?” What they have in mind is a sales tax.

We have legislators like Mark Noland who has a track record. He knows who to call to get something done locally, like school bus safety. He understands the issue of aquatic invasive species and how that will impact our economy here in the Flathead. He understands our property tax situation. I can tell you that there is little concern for these Flathead issues in Conrad, Great Falls and certainly not in Helena!

Beware of vague promises. The solution will be expensive. Re-elect a representative who will represent those of us living in House District 10.

Bob Keenan