Episode Five of Beacon’s True-Crime Podcast Now Available

In 'The People v. David Burgert,' law enforcement chases their fugitive through a blizzard in Batavia and the militia leader goes to federal prison

By Andy Viano

For more than a year, David Burgert had been stockpiling weapons and making a list of public officials he wanted to assassinate in an apparent attempt to overthrow the government. But it all came crashing down in February 2002, when a close friend of David went to the FBI and told them about his plans. After an all-night standoff with police, David is arrested and spends nearly a decade behind bars before being released in 2010. He bounces around for most of the next year before he decides to camp at Fort Fizzle outside Missoula in June 2011. What happens next became Montana legend.

On this week’s episode of Project 7, the podcast series from the Flathead Beacon, hosts Andy Viano and Justin Franz look at the days before David went to federal prison, and the ones leading up to his mysterious disappearance.

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Episode 5: The People v. David Burgert


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