An Example of Good Government

Good government helps us to recognize our opportunities and to protect us from our threats

By Joe Carbonari

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” Edmund Burke said it. JFK repeated it. It’s time it’s said again.

Put another way, if you’ve been blessed with a good mind and some resources in life, you also have the responsibility to put it to work for others … not just for you and yours.

We’ve been fortunate here in Montana to have our government run by that line of thinking. We are healthier, both physically and economically, because of it.

Good government helps us to recognize our opportunities and to protect us from our threats. We cannot do it on our own. The trick is in picking our experts, our guides, our leaders. Fortunately, in Montana, we have been blessed.

The team of Gov. Steve Bullock and Lt. Governor Mike Cooney are doing the kind of forward-looking job we need. The best interest of all Montanans guides their efforts, not just the interests of those most prominent and powerful.

They have fought for the education of all Montanans, including giving them a fair start, beginning at the pre-K level. They’ve fought the prevalence in politics of dark money, too often the predecessor of dark deeds. They’ve fought for women’s rights and continued access to public lands … and much more. Steve Bullock for the Senate. Mike Cooney for governor.

Let’s show good sense and let’s consider the value of service to others over service to self. Let’s meet the test and support the best.

Joe Carbonari

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