He Did Too Little, Too Late

May all of the victims of the virus rest in peace

By Steve Paugh

Recently while going through the grocery store checkout line I spotted a glossy magazine with the faces of six gentlemen looking out at me, “The United States Presidents … the best and worst of all time.” So I bought it and inside there were bios of almost every president. Each contained statements of fact that would define each term as president. (In fairness President Donald Trump’s is incomplete due to his first term not being up.) What struck me was that each president had their own history of events that occurred during their time in office. The rating of best to worst was determined based on how they addressed these events.

Then I thought about the coronavirus. Trump called it a hoax, turned all of his attention to impeachment issues and once that was over realized he was knee deep in alligators. Precious time ticked by with no plan to stop the onslaught. To quote an old saying, “He did too little, too late.: Sadly, one of the victims of his delay was a well-known songwriter, John Prine. His sensitive incite of our country’s soul can be found in every one of his songs. His voice is now silent. The only lyrics that come to me are: Trump did too little, too late … and John Prine died before his time!

May all of the victims of the virus rest in peace, but their story not be forgotten.

Steve Paugh
Martin City

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