Waterman Works to Improve Community

His ability to work in a cooperative manner is a testament to his commitment to all of his constituents

By Margaret Satchell

The upcoming election has us all thinking about what is important to us and how our choices will affect our lives and the lives of our families, our neighbors and our colleagues. At the heart of it, government is in place to serve the people and the Montana state government specifically is here to assure the best life for the people of our great state.

With our freedom comes responsibility. We all have a responsibility to read about and know who our candidates are and where they stand on important issues before we go the polling stations or mail in our ballots. Looking at the candidates for Senate District 2, there is one individual who stands out as a champion of issues that affect our community, our county and our state and that candidate is Kyle Waterman.

As a member of the Kalispell City Council for the past three years, Kyle Waterman has worked tirelessly to improve our local community. He was instrumental in changing the Eagle Transport bus route to make it smarter and more user-friendly. He has supported finding solutions to our local lack of affordable housing and worked with fellow council members to establish a homeless shelter for our neediest neighbors during the governor’s shelter-in-place order. He supports the installation of sidewalks on our major roadways to improve accessibility and create a safer environment for pedestrians and bicycle riders alike. These small improvements can go a long way in fostering prosperity and. Waterman’s ability to work in a cooperative manner is a testament to his commitment to all of his constituents.

To take his community-minded approach to the state Senate is a natural step for Waterman. His devotion to service is well established starting in childhood as the son of Mignon Waterman, the long-standing state senator from Helena.

On issues, Waterman’s approach appears to be focused on the betterment of the people he would represent. He is in favor of increasing financial aid to students seeking higher education – to increase job security and keep Montana’s youth here in Montana where they can work and raise families and contribute to our state’s strengths. He continues to support provision of affordable housing and reliable public transportation and he is passionate about protecting our public lands from out of state corporate interests and making them accessible to Montanans by increasing fishing, hiking and camping access.

It is indeed our responsibility as voters to fill out our ballots, but it is imperative that we do so with full knowledge of the candidates’ stances on issues that affect us most.

Margaret Satchell, MD

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