Public Service Not “a Real Job?”

Gianforte sure spends a lot of his money trying to get a “not a real job”

By Susie Reber Orr

In the ad airing against governor candidate Mike Cooney, his opponent says public service isn’t “a real job.”

Whoa! Cooney’s lifetime devotion to public service isn’t a real job? If ever there was someone qualified for governor, it’s Cooney. He was elected, appointed, served and worked in several capacities for Montana. There is no other person with such diverse hands-on experience that we need from our next governor. He is a straight-up, genuine and honest guy, rare among the best politicians. Simply look at his years of flawless experience and service:

As secretary of state, Cooney created the Enterprise Account, elevating that office from a General Fund budget to operating from fees charged for services, like a business does. The model is still used today.

Cooney served in both the state House and Senate. Yes, he served as Senate president, too. As executive director of Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies, he launched countless new families with parent education and partnerships. And Cooney’s service as division administrator of the Montana Department of Labor and Industry was critical to starting apprenticeship programs in our technical schools.

For someone who thinks public service isn’t “real work,” his opponent sure spends a lot of his money trying to get a “not a real job,” while holding a position he doesn’t believe in.

Mike spent a lifetime building relationships, leading him to be our next governor. November 3 will be here fast. Vote Cooney/Schreiner.

Susie Reber Orr

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