The Fruit Reveals the Root

Lawlessness (immorality) always fruits one thing

By Brian Friess

Common sense concludes that the only type of people who seek to defund police or tear down Ten Commandment monuments (or other truly honorable statues) are those who seek to do something illegal, not (as is falsely claimed) those who truly seek justice – the real kind that Martin Luther King fought and died for. The fruit of a tree reveals its root; in this case – lawlessness, rebellion, and anarchy. It is clear that they wish for nothing to stand in the way of their immoral and perverted choices.

In reality, the very moral code that advocates for justice for Floyd, Arbery, Taylor, and others – “Thou Shalt Not Kill” – is being undermined. Unlike the early revolutionists, they have no clear vision of building an alternative system that is just and fair. Their tactics reveal a cowardly attempt to force change without coming through the “Door of the Sheep” – honoring the authority that is currently established. These claim one thing, but (in reality) are seeking to overthrow or otherwise subvert a system that by-and-large protects the innocent and prosecutes the guilty, based upon moral codes that have their root in something much deeper – conscience.

Even perverted human laws and twisted Supreme Court decisions cannot erase humanity’s hard-wired sense of right and wrong, no matter how hard some try to suppress this truth. And lawlessness (immorality) always fruits one thing – death. We were, in contrast, created and intelligently designed to live gloriously, loving of all people, good, and free. The inescapable moral code, along with conscience, are eternally set in place merely to show us truly how far we’ve all fallen from glory – from what we were intentioned to be. And the only way back to this glory is to find grace and mercy in order to become an entirely new people – to be born again – by trusting the only one who can put goodness back inside of us – Jesus of Nazareth.

Brian Friess

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