A Vote for Biden is a Vote Against Our Liberties

The Democratic Party isn’t the party of American values

By Joe Kilman

We Americans have a clear choice this election cycle – the party of American values and economic progress, or the party of destruction, chaos, and restrictions on our way of life. Joe Biden and his Democratic Party want to take away our way of life.

If we elect Joe Biden, Steve Bullock, and the other Democrats, they’re going to force us to wear masks whenever we step out the door, they’re going to keep our country shut down, and they’re going to take away our rights. Joe Biden wants to take away our guns and our right to defend ourselves. He wants the government to take away everything that we Americans stand for and have worked for.

The Democratic Party isn’t the party of American values, freedom, or progress, it’s the party of constricting liberties, chaos, and tyranny. We can’t afford a presidency by a man who is willing to stand up and publicly say that someone is not black if they do not vote for him. Joe Biden and his Democrats are not going to uphold the honesty, integrity and courage of Americans. They support Uncle Sam and tyranny.

Joe Kilman

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