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Glacier Climbing Victim Identified

Josh Yarrow, 20, of Wichita, Kansas, died in a fall while climbing in the Logan Pass area

Glacier National Park officials have identified the victim who died Tuesday, July 21, while climbing off-trail along the ridge known as the Dragon’s Tail near Logan Pass.

Josh Yarrow, 20, of Wichita, Kansas, fell while mountain climbing with a partner southwest of Mount Reynolds on Tuesday night. According to a press release, he was attempting to retrieve a fallen backpack at the time of the accident.

Yarrow fell approximately 500 feet toward Hidden Lake. His climbing partner went for help and park rangers responded at 7:46 p.m., immediately initiating search and rescue operations.

Two Bear Air Rescue was deployed and located and recovered the body via helicopter that evening.

Yarrow, a student at Kansas State University, was working in the West Glacier area with the organization A Christian Ministry in the National Parks, according to his Instagram feed.

The incident was the second time a rescue mission has occurred in the Logan Pass area within the week. On July 16, a climber was injured sliding down a snowfield near Mount Oberlin. Park officials reminded visitors that “off-trail hiking and mountain climbing are inherently dangerous activities due to extremely rugged and steep terrain.”