As Governor, Cooney Will Fight for Our Public Lands

As secretary of state and a Land Board member, Mike consistently voted to protect wildlife habitat

By Nathaniel Sisson

This morning at the Grinnell Glacier overlook in Glacier National Park, I sat contemplating the numerous peaks and valleys spread out endlessly in front of me. I was filled with wonder. As the sun illuminated Logan Pass, I had the opportunity to reflect on how lucky I am to be a Montanan; to have beautiful vistas in every corner of the state and the ability to access those incredible places. I couldn’t help but think of the upcoming election and the dire need to support public lands candidates to ensure that future generations of Montanans – my kids and grandkids – are fortunate enough to experience the landscapes that I have come to love.

That’s why I’m voting for Mike Cooney for governor because he has a vision to defend and expand our public lands and is committed to fighting against those seeking to sell them off to the highest bidder. As secretary of state and a Land Board member, Mike consistently voted to protect wildlife habitat and open it up to public access through the Habitat Montana Program. He’s committed to increasing Montana’s Public Lands Access Network, opening up landlocked public lands, and expanding fishing access sites. Even more, Mike has pledged to veto any attempts to transfer federal lands to the state or weaken Montana’s stream access laws.

When folks have tried to block stream access and sell off our public land, Mike was there for all of us Montanans, Democrats and Republicans alike. Mike has been an unwavering supporter of Montana’s hunters and anglers. With an LCV lifetime score of 100% and an endorsement from Montana Conservation Voters, I believe Mike when he says he’ll fight for our public lands every day during his tenure as Governor.

For that reason, I’m with Mike – I hope you’ll join me.

Nathaniel Sisson
Gallatin Gateway

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