Trump Serves His Own Interests

Trump is not a leader, particularly in times of trouble

By Carolyn Beecher

President Donald Trump’s approach to administration of this pandemic focuses on himself and his reelection, not on the needs of the people or the country. Such self-preoccupation has never been admired by the people of Montana, who tend to be generous, practical, and helpful to others.

Our president has not been able to actively lead, since he first looks at the polls, then his own and his friends’ chances of profiting, reacting to those before he does anything. He only came around to facing the realities of the pandemic when his poll numbers started to go down. At the insistence of his advisors, when they told him “his people,” his Republican followers in red states, were getting sick with the coronavirus, he finally tells us to wear masks.

Trump is not a leader, particularly in times of trouble. He can’t see beyond his own image in the mirror.

Carolyn Beecher

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