Montanans Think Independently

Great leaders from many parties

By Pat Malone

With all due respect to Mr. Don “K” in his recent editorial in the Beacon, I’d like to strongly argue that all voters put the person (the candidate) above party affiliation. There are good, kind, decent, smart and caring candidates running under all sorts of party labels. Who they are and what they believe is, for me, far more important than party loyalty.

Being raised in the 1950s my family taught me to place America above faith above political party. Fortunately that began to change for many in my family after Nixon and Watergate and for me dramatically after becoming a born again Christian in college. Christians have Jesus … no other person, party, platform or even nation where we place our allegiance and loyalty. So these past 40-plus political seasons have been a time of deep discernment about which candidate has the most Christ-like values and the most independence to practice them.

Lastly I strongly disagree with Mr. “K” when he states “preserving the America and Montana we know and love” can only be accomplished by electing Republicans. That’s not only a lie its plain stupid and he knows it and should be embarrassed for publicly stating so. Great leaders from many parties or none have worked with you and me the people to guide this country to greatness, not just Republicans (of which I used to be one) and especially not post-Nixon Republicans. Be independent, think independent. That’s what Montana’s do.

Pat Malone
Columbia Falls

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