Experience that Helps Montanans

I will vote for Mike Cooney for governor

Montana is a blend of urban and rural communities. Supporting business successes will be especially important as our state heals post-pandemic. Mike Cooney has extensive experience talking with business owners, ranchers, and farmers, and using the resources of the state government to help them.

His opponent’s business experience is running a large tech company, much of which was outsourced. That’s not diverse experience, not a common Montana business. That experience doesn’t relate to the needs of a local hardware store owner, a river guide business, a wheat farm, or a local restaurant trying to make a go.

I will vote for Mike Cooney for governor. He has listened to and worked hard for local communities for a long time. He has experience and know-how for making government work for the people. Good government is always important, and especially now. Good government pulls the people forward.

Stephanie Brancati
Big Arm