Clear Choice for Montana Governor

In the coming election vote Republican

By Edwin Johnson

Montana governor candidate Greg Gianforte has brought high-paying private sector jobs into Montana. Greg’s opponent Mike Cooney and his mentor Steve Bullock are lifelong politicians. Neither knows how to create high paying private sector jobs. They never have. Sending Washington D.C. another politician to join Schumer, Bernie, Pelosi, AOC and the Socialist Squad will not create jobs for Montana’s hardworking families.

Montana’s choice is clear.

We can go with more government, fewer jobs, open borders, sanctuary cities, defund the police, adopt cancel culture, ban disagreeable speech, confiscate inappropriate guns, and see how socialist governments always fail.

Or we can go with strong borders, safe cities, support law enforcement, learn from our history, embrace freedom of speech, keep our guns and discover how entrepreneurial ingenuity will create more high paying private sector jobs. Together we can create more local employment for Montana families and our students graduating from Montana schools.

U.S. Sen. Steve Daines is delivering on his promise of less government and more jobs. In the coming election vote Republican for JOBS JOBS JOBS.

Edwin Johnson

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