Montanans Deserve Better than Daines

We need to come together and vote for Steve Bullock

By Craig Coburn

It’s common knowledge that elected officials are supposed to represent all of their constituents, not just the few. So why is it that Sen. Steve Daines is leading the charge with the same tired policies we’ve seen for decades that are misguided and ineffectual. In the midst of a pandemic that is impacting all Montanans, his only answer is to cut taxes, which jeopardizes the future of Medicare and Social Security, and does nothing to lend additional help to the small businesses from Libby to Sidney and every place between battling for their very survival. And not to mention it does nothing for the thousands of unemployed Montanans wondering how to put food on the table.

He’s been pushing for this since the beginning of negotiations in Congress on a COVID-19 relief package and intends to introduce legislation to this effect soon. As a senior, I wonder how Steve Daines can claim to support Montana’s seniors when he supports a proposal that would jeopardize funding for two essential programs that all seniors in Montana have paid into their entire working lives. I also think we should ask Steve how his legislation is supposed to help the small businesses hanging on by a thread or the unemployed?

We all know that people are hurting during this unprecedented pandemic, but sacrificing programs that are crucial for our seniors isn’t the answer. And not lending additional support to Montana’s small businesses and those who have lost their job is also not the answer. Montanans deserve better than Steve Daines. We need to come together and vote for Steve Bullock, someone who will actually do what’s right for all Montanans.

Craig Coburn