Williams the Best Fit for Montana

Let’s vote smart in November and elect a congresswoman who works hard and believes in Montanans

By Dave Hadden

Of the many things I’m grateful for as a Montanan, I appreciate the state’s “purple” reputation, a state where Montana voters can elect a majority Republican legislature and balance that out with a Democratic governor.

Looking forward to the race for Montana’s only House seat in Washington, I remain hopeful that Montanans will look at the candidates individually and vote for the best fit for Montana.

Kathleen Williams’ position on health care, public lands, and veterans (for example) align with Montana values. Rosendale’s do not.

The COVID pandemic has convinced me that we need a congresswoman who will vote for health care reforms that protect people with pre-existing conditions and strengthens our public health system that was so unprepared for COVID.

Williams’ opponent is on record in the Montana Legislature against health care that works for all Montanans.

With respect to public lands and our access to them, our state is bursting at the seams as our most prized places like Glacier, the Flathead Forest, and other public lands grow more crowded. We need a congresswoman willing to defend our ownership of those lands, and to direct financial resources towards their proper management and conservation.

Williams’ opponent is on record in support of the reckless idea of transferring public lands to states and private, exclusive ownership.

And veterans. Our veterans have done the hard work of protecting our country and we owe them the health care we promised them. We need a congresswoman who will continue to advance health care choices for veterans as she did in the Montana legislature.

Kathleen Williams’ opponent voted in 2011 to slash funding for the Columbia Falls Veterans Home. And he voted against an important veteran home-buying program.

Montana, let’s vote smart in November and elect a congresswoman who works hard and believes in Montanans regardless of party affiliation. That would be Kathleen Williams.

Dave Hadden

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