Shameful and Unfit

I’m crossing my fingers and holding my breath to see what happens in November

By Tom Horelick

With the presidential campaign in full swing, I can’t help having a feeling of helplessness as I watch all sense of civility, respect, and decency go down the drain. One can’t blame President Donald Trump completely for his lies and made up propaganda to bolster his reelection; it’s the “enablers” who believe his nonsense and tolerate his egregious behavior.

Beginning with the Senate and his handpicked flunky Attorney General Bill Barr, it’s sad to see how low these men and women will stoop to put their own self-interest on the coattails of Trump, instead of doing what is morally right to preserve our democracy. They all took an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution, but that went right out the window on Trump’s first day in office when he started to cash in while they sat on their tongues.

Then there was the Senate impeachment trial where there was another oath sworn to, to be a “fair and impartial juror,” which was completely abandoned by all Republicans, including our own phony Sen. Steve Daines. Maybe I watch too many John Wayne movies, but there was a time when a man’s word meant something. Wouldn’t all criminals, whether guilty or innocent, love to have a trial without witnesses or evidence? So much for “Mr. Law and Order.”

On a local level, I’m trying to make sense of the yahoos who roar around in beat-up pickup trucks, usually with no muffler, waving Trump, Confederate, and even an American flag or two, off the back bumper. I’ve even seen a few obscenities thrown in for good measure. Is this some sort of political statement to show they are more patriotic than the rest of us, or are they just trying to leave no doubt they enjoy being rude and offensive? I think the latter.

The Confederate flag especially perplexes me as to what it symbolizes in 2020. When the South seceded from the United States in 1861, it was essentially a treasonous act against the nation. I hate to burst anyone’s bubble who hasn’t read a history book lately, but they lost the war, at a cost of over 400,000 American lives. I wouldn’t exactly call that a cause to celebrate.

I’m crossing my fingers and holding my breath to see what happens in November. If Trump loses, will he resign and fly the coop before he goes to jail? If he wins, I’m not looking forward to four more years of the most shameful and unfit president every elected.

Tom Horelick

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