School Board Violates Right to Free Speech

In my view, forced masking of healthy children is child abuse

By Annie Bukacek

I am a physician who attended the Kalispell School Board meeting described in the article, “Kalispell School Board Meeting Canceled Due to Maskless Protesters.”

Fifteen to 20 concerned citizens were present to address the board’s agenda regarding face coverings for children. In my view, forced masking of healthy children is child abuse.

The group of people concerned about the issue arrived at the meeting on time, politely sitting in chairs physically distanced six feet apart. When the board subsequently ordered us to wear masks, we declined, as it would be a physical endorsement of mask wearing contrary to our position that masks must be voluntary. Our right to free speech would thereby be violated. The board countered by shutting the meeting down, violating our right to free speech.

The board also announced that it would be holding a replacement Zoom meeting two days hence. The board thereby excluded the public without access to technology. The board excluded the attendees present who had arrived at the announced time for the announced meeting.

At what level will violations of our rights become abjectly unsufferable?

Annie Bukacek

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