Where are the Montana Republicans?

All the major Republican candidates are out-of-state multimillionaires

By Tom Shaughnessy

All the major Republican candidates are out-of-state multimillionaires. Greg Gianforte is a tech entrepreneur from New Jersey who came to low-wage Montana to start a company that he sold for $1.8 billion. Then he wanted to sell off Montana public land to out-of-state billionaires and he was all for a state sales tax, remember his smirk, “a fair tax is one you pay and I don’t.” Gianforte is the richest member of Congress and a convicted criminal.

Matt Rosendale is a millionaire real estate developer from Maryland who owns a trophy ranch in Montana. He also wants to sell off Montana public lands.

Troy Downing is a Californian with many serious fish and game violations charged against him. He tried to buy a Senate seat in the last election and lost. Now he is setting his sights a little lower. I guess he plans to work his way up.

Steve Daines tries to tell us that he is a fifth-generation Montanan. He was born in California. He isn’t even a first generation Montanan. He says he was a businessman for 28 years. He was not a businessman he was an employee of a large corporation. Big difference! Six of those years he was living in China making jobs for the Chinese workers. Now he says he is going to get tough with the Chinese. Daines is also one of the richest members of the Senate – sounds like he has a lot in common with working Montanans. Most Montanans think truthfulness is a Montana value.

Montana is a agricultural state and none of these guys know an angus from an air drill. All four of them will do just what the Wall Street billionaires tell them to do. None of that will be good for the working people of Montana. So, where are the real Montana Republicans?

Tom Shaughnessy

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