Bullock’s Anti-Gun Agenda

There is no other choice for U.S. Senate than Steve Daines

By Jeff Larsen

Vote for Sen. Steve Daines for U.S. Senate if you want to protect your Second Amendment rights. Daines has an A+ rating from the NRA. His opponent, Gov. Steve Bullock, has an F rating from the NRA, is anti-gun.

In an article in Real Clear Politics (RCP) on August 6, 2019, Bullock made his anti-gun agenda crystal clear in his own words: “As a hunter and a gun owner,” Bullock told RCP, “I know that no real hunter needs a 30-round clip, no real hunter needs a weapon of war.”

“Let’s be clear, the NRA divides us. It is a dark-money-filled group that uses guns and the threat of everyone’s guns being taken away to polarize the issue and get to the point where we can never have a reasonable discussion about it.”

According to the RCP article Bullock was absolutely running on gun control. At that time he was running for President in the Democrat primary. The RCP article described what Bullock’s gun-control steps would have looked like in a Bullock presidency. Universal background checks, for starters, combined with an effort to make sure that federal and national databases have all the relevant information needed to run a thorough search. He also would support so-called red flag laws currently being discussed to keep guns away from the mentally ill or those convicted of domestic abuse. High-capacity magazines would be outlawed. So would assault weapons, which he does not define but says they “are not used for self-defense,” arguing that the AR-15, (the most popular rifle in America), “is not used for hunting.”

“I think that there should be voluntary buy-back,” Bullock says when asked, “but not a mandatory one.”

So there you have it, the Bullock anti-gun agenda in a nutshell. There is no other choice for U.S. Senate than Steve Daines if you want to protect your right to keep and bear arms and protect the Second Amendment. Please join me in voting for Steve Daines with his A+ rating for U.S. Senate in the general election.

Jeff Larsen

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