Waterman Will Represent All Montanans

I trust Kyle Waterman to follow in the footsteps of other esteemed Leadership Montana alums

By Danielle Coffman

With politics becoming increasingly divisive and tribal, pragmatic and solutions-oriented politicians are becoming rarer. There are, thankfully, those willing to serve Montana with a genuine commitment to actually getting things done. One such person is my friend Kyle Waterman, who is running for Montana Senate District 2. Kyle graduated from a program called “Leadership Montana,” which has the motto “Listen, Learn, Lead” and promotes “building a better Montana through knowledge, collaboration, and civility.”

Indeed, actually getting things done in a meaningful and lasting way is a lot of work and does not happen through chest pounding and rhetoric. It requires identifying, listening to, and learning from all stakeholders, and including the many interests and perspectives in the process. This is a process that not only takes time, but can be difficult insofar as one might walk away with a much different plan or idea of the problem itself. It may not align with the party line, which is uncomfortable for politicians. It truly takes humility, curiosity, an open mind, and dedication to service to be a true public servant willing to serve all constituents (Kyle is also in my Rotary Club which commits itself to “Service Above Self”).

Most of the problems facing Montanans are not “hot button” issues and what we need are people ready to roll up their sleeves and solve concrete problems rather than fan the flames of the dumpster fire politics has become. I trust Kyle Waterman to follow in the footsteps of other esteemed Leadership Montana alums, such as Frank Garner (another Rotarian), whose reputation for fairness, pragmatism, and results is well known, and represent all Montanans with a focus on getting things done that also actually need to get done.

Danielle Coffman

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