What is a Lemming?

Vote for Mike Cooney, Steve Bullock and Kathleen Williams

By Carol Blake

Sometimes we hear a person called a lemming? Being labeled a lemming refers to someone who unthinkingly joins a mass movement toward destruction. Why?

Lemmings are a breed of rodents known for blindly following their leaders who jump off a cliff, often leading to their deaths. Their acts are one the big mysteries of life.

It’s disturbing enough that a breed of small furry animals would do such a thing. Mind boggling is the same instinct that some humans display.

Never in our history has our country strayed so far from accountability, decency and democracy.

Of all the multitude of lies uttered and misdeeds committed by our current president, by far the most egregious one is the sentencing of thousands of lives to death, by withholding information about the COVID-19 pandemic he knew would save their lives. This revelation is not speculative, but has been recorded, on tape, in his own words. And yet, Republicans remain silent about the blood on his hands, and therefore are complicit.

Currently, the majority of Republicans are willingly marching in lock-step to follow their leader straight down the road leading to the demise of our beloved country, one built on a set of laws and standards the majority of our citizens hold dear.

The silence of Greg Gianforte, Steve Daines and Matt Rosendale after this blockbuster news is a resounding affirmation. They support the president in his continuing behavior, allowing countless more people to die.

Don’t be a lemming like them.

Vote for Mike Cooney, Steve Bullock and Kathleen Williams, who have the integrity to protect their citizens.

Carol Blake

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