Flathead County Commission is Dysfunctional

We need leaders who can manage and have vision for the future

By Lee Pinski

The current crop of Flathead County commissioners have become dysfunctional and lack representation of us citizens.

Have you not noticed that the Planning Board and commissioners are being sued more often over their poor decisions? Remember the bridge at the north end of Flathead Lake, the water bottling plant in Creston, the land use decision on Lake Five, the decision to allow an asphalt plant off of Farm-to-Market and the proposed development called Rolling Acres.

It is as if commissioners have an insidious disease against serving the county’s residents.

Flathead County is becoming a gold mine for land use attorneys and they are starting to win more often than not thanks to the lack of leadership by the commissioners.

What will it take to reverse this dysfunctional mess? The answer is electing people with business experience who know how to get governmental departments to work together, stop the “turf” wars, and create a culture of working for current residents rather than commissioners’ self interests.

The Flathead County Republican Committee has dominated the commissioners’ office for the last many years. Their candidates are the cause for many of these law suites and dysfunctionality. To continue their reign would be a disservice to all county residents, thus, it must be time for a change.

In the race for county commission the Flathead Republican Party has done us no favors. The party seems to only be interested in keeping the status quo. Sorry Brad Abell, we need someone who will stand up to Pam and Randy. We need leaders who can manage and have vision for the future.

It is time to stop the disregard for the county’s citizens by the commissioners and their minions. To borrow a phase, “it is time to drain the swamp” in the commissioners’ office.

Lee Pinski

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