Vote for the Best Candidates for the Job

I am afraid of Congressman Greg Gianforte limiting our access to public lands

By Cole Dykhuizen

This year, we need to vote for the best people for the job, not the people who have your letter by their name.

I am afraid of Congressman Greg Gianforte limiting our access to public lands and implementing a statewide sales tax. I am concerned about six more years of Sen. Steve Daines photo ops while health care becomes even more expensive and Social Security becomes unrecoverable. I am worried about sending Matt Rosendale to continue to toe the party line. I am apprehensive Austin Knudsen can only focus on one issue at a time. I am alarmed about Christi Jacobsen’s inadequate policy positions. I am disturbed Troy Downing does not know what a state auditor does, and I am afraid that Elsie Arntzen will continue to place politics above Montana students.

As voters, our job is to educate ourselves on where candidates stand on the issues that will have a meaningful and timely impact on our lives. We cannot continue to listen to the superficial, partisan mudslinging.

Mike Cooney, Steve Bullock, Kathleen Williams, Raph Graybill, Bryce Bennett, Shane Morigeau, and Melissa Romano will exercise their independent voices in performing the duties of their offices.

Each of these candidates has a (D) by their name, but let me be clear, I am an independent voter. In the center of the country, my constituents consider me a flaming leftist, and on the coasts, they consider me a raging right-winger. However, these labels are grossly mistaken. I vote for who will execute their office with the utmost level of competency and grace. In Montana, those people happen to have a (D) by their name in 2020.

Elevating our state above the national stage is indispensable, so as a fellow Montanan, I urge you to vote for the best candidate for the job, not the candidate that has your letter by their name.

Cole Dykhuizen

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