Character Matters

Greg Gianforte is wrong for Montana

By Carol M. Santa

Who is the best candidate for Montana’s governor? I want a person who displays character and dignity. I can’t overlook Greg Gianforte’s altercation with a journalist whom he grabbed by the neck, slammed to the ground and yelled “Get the hell out of here.” These are the actions of a self-centered bully who puts himself above others. Similarly, he is an opportunist using his one term as our Congressional representative as a stepping stone to the governorship. He’s after power and uses his own massive wealth to buy the election.

I am also deeply concerned Gianforte will allow his particular religious beliefs to push policies concerning education, healthcare, social security and the environment that are not in line with the beliefs of most Montanans. For example, in a speech at the Montana Bible College in 2015, Gianforte said “the concept of retirement is not biblical … How old was Noah when he built the ark? Six hundred. He wasn’t, like, cashing Social Security checks, he wasn’t hanging out, he was working.” I object to Gianforte’s religious beliefs suggesting we take away or privatize Social Security. Nor do I want him to take much needed support away from public schools to give money to private schools with vouchers that might ruin Montana’s excellent system of public education.

Gianforte also has a dismal health care congressional record. He voted against the Lower Drug Cost Act; he voted against protecting Americans with pre-existing conditions; he voted to strike down Obamacare without offering an alternative.

Gianforte has worked relentlessly to strip away environmental protections that protect our clean air and water so as to support his own millions invested in fossil fuel companies.

Greg Gianforte is wrong for Montana. Mike Cooney has worked to expand Medicaid and reduce drug costs. He supports environmental protections, stands up to attacks on our public lands, and ensures our children have access to the best public education. He has the experience and character to be our next governor.

Carol M. Santa

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