Elections Determine Our Freedom and Wealth

The Democrat solution is to raise taxes and grow government

By Verdell Jackson

Vote to enhance our freedom and make sure our government is fiscally responsible. Excellenceinvoting.org is a web site that provides honest information on candidates. We need a governor and legislators with skill and expertise to deal with the funding deficit we will have as the result of COVID-19. The Democrat solution is to raise taxes and grow government, which will not build a strong economy. Greg Gianforte is a proven Montana job creator. He continued his work in Congress by protecting our freedom and securing federal relief and health care. He gives most of his income away each year. As governor he will have the support of conservative Senate legislators in the Flathead such as Carl Glimm, SD2, who chaired House appropriations last session, Keith Regier, SD3, who chaired Judiciary, Bob Brown, SD 7 who chaired Fish, Wildlife and Parks, and holdover senators Bob Keenan and Mark Blasdel.

Conservative House candidates are Rep. Mark Noland, HD10, Matt Regier, HD4, John Fuller, HD8, and Derek Skees, HD11. Their voting records demonstrate that they strongly support the constitutions of Montana and the United States, freedom, jobs, and protection of our water from aquatic invasive species. They opposed the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes Compact, which would give the tribe off reservation water rights to control use of water in western Montana.

New conservative candidates are Braxton Mitchell, HD3, who is making a huge positive impact on young people in his fight to protect our property rights, Second Amendment, public lands and our constitutional republic. Catherine Owens, HD5, supports lower property taxes by coming up with creative ways to generate revenue, protecting our public lands and water and does not support the CSKT Compact which her opponent supported. Amy Regier, HD6, also does not support the CSKT Compact and will work to lower property taxes, support the Second Amendment, promotes family values and access to public lands.

Verdell Jackson

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