Who Protects Our Values?

Elect Steve Bullock to the Senate

By Gina Carpenter

As governor, Steve Bullock vetoed bills that threatened Montana’s public lands. He opened thousands of acres for recreation. As a member of the state’s Land Board, Bullock fought against privatizing public lands and supported thoughtful management of state trust lands to ensure our schools received the funding they need.

Sen. Steve Daines speaks of defending Montana values. If your values include selling public lands to developers, Daines is for you. His political TV ad proclaims: “Daines will protect Montanans with pre-existing conditions.” Not only false, this is an outright lie. He voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act numerous times without replacement. Losing the ACA would affect 20 million people including 420,000 Montanans with pre-existing conditions and would remove health insurance from 80,000 constituents with Medicaid expansion coverage. If you have perfect health and megabucks to pay for medical expenses, Daines is for you.

Medicare health insurance for older Americans, financial support for millions of retirees and those with disabilities are part of indispensable programs extended by Congress in the1965 Social Security Act. Daines voted to reduce funding for Medicare and Social Security and increase the age for eligibility. If you don’t need Medicare or Social Security, Daines is your values man.

Gov. Steve Bullock fought for mental health and addictive care, supported suicide prevention programs, veteran services and improved Native American health and youth services. Because he has proven his ability to work closely with a Republican-dominated legislature and listens to his constituents Bullock has my vote.

Elect Steve Bullock to the Senate where, unlike Daines, he will work to protect Montana values.

Gina Carpenter

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