Marxism or Freedom

Your vote for Bullock or Biden will fundamentally destroy Americ

By Walt Rucinski

This election you will decide if you wish to retain the freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution or the principles of Marxism. Simply, Marxism is a political and economic society controlled by workers: “unions.” Socialism is the mechanism to achieve the “Marxists Theory” through a welfare state where everything is considered a “guaranteed right” and paid for by taxpayer funding.

Unlike California Congressman Adam Schiff who said the Trump-Russian collusion was in plain sight, in their own words the Democrats have stated their beliefs on their websites or documents. Google “Biden-Sanders Unity Task Force Recommendations”and read in their own words.

Biden may say he is the “Democratic Party;” however that party does not exist anymore as it has been replaced by the “Peoples Party.” Google “Peoples Charter” and then “signers” at top and on the bottom for organizations signatories for SIEU, etc.

If you value your children and especially your grandchildren your vote for Bullock or Biden will fundamentally destroy America. Once you destroy something you can’t undo it like on your computer.

Walt Rucinski

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