Have Confidence in Local Election Department

Our government does not work without active and engaged citizens

By Tony Brockman

Voting is among Americans’ most fundamental rights. Ensuring we, the people, set the course for our nation, state, and community. Voting is the process by which Americans peacefully overthrow their government every two years, a privilege we all share. As the adage goes, with great privilege comes great responsibility.

All Montanans need to exercise this responsibility in November, whether you vote by mail or in person at the election department, vote. We Montanans enjoy great access to the polls, especially at the Flathead County Elections Department.

For years, I have had a front-row seat to how our local election department ensures open and fair elections. From registering to vote at 18 years old, serving as an election judge, working as a staff member during previous presidential elections, to working with the election department as a recent candidate for Flathead County commissioner, I have confidence in our local election staff. Flathead County residents have a top-notch elections department focused on integrity and security. As Monica Eisenzimer, Flathead County elections administrator, recently said, “We do not look at the politics; we look at the process. And our process is rock solid.” Having worked for Monica, I can confirm her statement is true.

To residents concerned about election security, I encourage you to visit our local office and inquire about the process and procedures designed to secure our elections, serve as an elections judge or other election day position, and use resources such as the Montana Secretary of State’s My Voter Page (https://app.mt.gov/voterinfo/) to track your ballot. It is a useful tool to make sure your ballot is accepted and counted. After all, it is our civic duty to be engaged. Remember, our government does not work without active and engaged citizens holding our elected leaders and officials accountable.

Tony Brockman

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