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Strong schools make strong communities

By Lance Isaak

I am honored to be a trustee for Kalispell Public Schools for the past six years. One of the difficult decisions we made this year was to make a priority in person education five days a week. This priority is normally a given, but this year comes with the risk of spreading COVID. We recognize students learn best when they are in class, have access to support and activities, and for many, an opportunity for breakfast and lunch. Maintaining safety and education is an ongoing balancing act for everyone at KP

Inspirational, hard working, creative, and dedicated are words I use to describe everyone at KPS who makes this a great educational institution. I also add the word courageous, as KPS staff continue to go above and beyond to ensure youth are provided the best learning opportunity possible despite knowing the challenges which the pandemic presents

Strong schools make strong communities. KPS needs our support and has put an operation levy on the ballot this year. Every year I have been a part of decisions to tighten the budget. KPS has been a good steward of resources and when compared to other school districts in the valley and around the state, do more with less. School funding is complex, but an important figure is KPS runs at 92% of our budget authority while most districts are at 100%. KPS has course offerings, technology, facilities, and activities which are competitive with any school in Montana and which prepare students for their futures. Voting “yes” on this levy will support the high school district for years to come in maintaining a high quality education for our students and send a supporting message to everyone at KPS of the high value we place on our schools.

Lance Isaak, trustee
Kalispell Public Schools