Powers Experienced and Qualified

Vote Debo Powers for the people this November.

By Cole Dykhuizen

I am all for young people getting involved in politics, but that does not excuse them from being qualified. This, therefore, begs the question of what qualifies House District 3 candidate Braxton Mitchell to hold a legislative position?

From what is publicly available on his website and Facebook page, the only thing that makes Mr. Mitchell a “proven conservative” as he calls himself is the sharing of vile memes that disparage other human beings, associating himself with known propagandist Charlie Kirk, and outlining vague, enigmatic policy positions.

In an interview, Mr. Mitchell stated, “I grew up in Columbia Falls, and have always worked for the family business.” I know when I became of working age, my mother forced me to be employed with someone else before even thinking about a job at our family business. How is someone supposed to effectively work with others when their only work experience has been in a nepotistic environment?

Ironically, Mr. Mitchell makes a very big deal of being Montana born and raised while also throwing his whole support behind Greg Gianforte who was neither born nor raised in Montana. I get the sense this “born and raised requirement” is only important to Mr. Mitchell when applicable to someone from a different party.

Unlike Mr. Mitchell, Debo Powers has the experience and the independent voice Montana needs. Ms. Powers has detailed, well-informed policy positions that will benefit all of Montana. Her voice will not be yet another echo of national politics.

I am all for supporting young people in politics, but do not throw your support behind the inexperienced and unqualified. Vote Debo Powers for the people this November.

Cole Dykhuizen

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