Bullock’s Poor Crime Record

Bullock is purely political

By Larry Ashcraft

Steve Bullock is pure politician. From 2012 to 2019, violent crime in Montana increased 55%. Aggravated assault and rape went up 60%. In all cases, Montana’s rate per 1,000 residents surpasses the national average. Additionally since Bullock has become governor, he has the distinction of being the first governor since 1980 to surpass the national average for property crime for five straight years. What a hideous and embarrassing record.

Bullock tells you he is there for Montana, he supports law enforcement, and he is working for Montanans. He tells you he is protecting females against sexual crimes. Balderdash! The opposite has been demonstrated to be true. As for his problem solving skills, Montana is now one of the three worst states in the nation for COVID-19.

Bullock is purely political. He gets his picture taken, buys votes with taxpayers money, and thinks he should be a U.S. President. Bullock, on national TV, said he backed packing the Supreme Court. Voters need to look at who they are voting for. Do you believe the claims made in ads supported by dark money now flowing into the state crucifying Sen. Steve Daines and other Republicans, or are you interested in facts? Vote intelligently. Don’t allow moneyed out-of-state interests pick Montana’s next U.S. senator.

Larry Ashcraft

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