Gerry a Strong Advocate for Public Lands

We are confident in her ability to bridge party lines

By Marilyn Becker

We want to express our enthusiastic support for Gerry Browning’s candidacy for Montana House District 12. We are confident in her ability to bridge party lines to actively represent all of her constituents. Her longtime residence and proactive role in our community make her an outstanding candidate.

Gerry is a strong advocate for Montanans who value our public lands, which are an extremely valuable economic benefit to all Montanans. Past efforts by some in the Montana Legislature to sell off our public lands to corporate and wealthy private buyers with records of closing access have shown us that these special places need advocates. Gerry will be the advocate that we have not had in this area for a long time. These public lands need to stay in public hands.

Montana has both benefitted and suffered from the impacts of natural resources development and management. Our economy has thrived from reasonable and well-planned utilization of forest, rangeland, water and mineral resources. However, the state is littered with abandoned energy development sites and wells where corporate exploiters have pulled their profits from and then walked away from, leaving Montanans cover the cleanup costs. Many of these sites have polluted our waters, degraded local wildlife populations and their habitats and left ongoing health problems and deaths for our fellow Montanans. These abuses must stop, and corporate responsibility must be required. Gerry will be a strong advocate for fighting against these abuses and holding these industry polluters accountable. She will also be a strong advocate for the development and enhancement of clean energy resources such as wind, solar and hydroelectric energy and the new jobs that will be generated.

In closing, we strongly encourage you to vote to elect Gerry Browning to the Montana House of Representatives in House District 12.

Dale and Marilyn Becker

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